About Joe N. Brown

Born and raised in Hong Kong. My personal art is narrative driven. I try to pack as much story in each frame as I can. For my non-personal art I enjoy creating work for people who have an idea but not necessarily the means to pursue it; book covers, fantasy settings, commercial illustrations, character designs and so on. If you want your idea made real, then come to me. Of course, if you’d like a nice painting of your dog, I’d love to do that too!

You can follow me on Instagram @joenbrown or email me at joseph.n.brown at gmail.

Commission Rates

I am currently OPEN for commissions.
Work will not be framed unless requested.

What I Do:

  • People and Pet Portraits

  • Character drawing (I.e. your dungeons and dragons character, fan art - would you like to fight the Hulk? Your imagination is the limit.)

  • Book covers

  • Long-term illustration partnerships - for storybooks, concept art or commercial work.


Pet and People Portraiture (turnaround 2-4 weeks):

Mediums: Graphite, Charcoal, Chalk, Pastel
8 x 10”: 50 USD
9 x 12”: 100 USD
12 x 16”: 150 USD
18 x 24”: 300 USD

Mediums: Oil (Please allow an extra month for drying process)

8 x 10”: 150 USD
9 x 12”: 250 USD
12 x 16”: 400 USD
18 x 24”: 500 USD

You will receive both the original and a high quality digital copy to share.

Book covers (turnaround 2-4 weeks):

Send me your full synopsis to read, I’ll send you a bunch of draft layouts and colour schemes. When you’re happy with the layout, I can go ahead and give you a final draft to the size specifications needed.

200 USD (colour).

Character Drawing:

Portrait: 50 USD (B&W) 70 USD (Colour)
Bust: 80 USD (B&W) 100 USD (Colour)
Full Figure: 130 (B&W) 150 USD (Colour)
Add background: +50 USD (B&W) +70 USD (Colour)

Long-term illustration partnerships:

For storybook illustrations or commercial work, please send me an email and we can discuss.
Please look at the gallery below for examples of each.

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