Joe is a writer and illustrator based in Hong Kong. Currently he is working on an illustrated novel entitled Mysteries of the Inooa. He regularly updates his instagram with illustrations, paintings, sketches, and photos of his dog, Oscar. 

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Mysteries of the Inooa: An Illustrated Novel

Mysteries of the Inooa is an illustrated anthropological study of the Inooa Tribe. Through a series of journal entries, ethnographic studies, and pencil illustrations, we uncover the intricacies of the secretive and infamous Inooa Tribe. Currently a work in progress. Each illustration will be uploaded here or on my instagram, or facebook, as they are completed. Will be available in eBook format. Part of The Before series.

Mambuto: An Illustrated Poem

Mambuto is an illustrated poem. After the death of his wife, Mambuto leaves his home and daughter, Raya, to travel to the City. The ink illustrations are can be viewed here. The book will be available in eBook format. Part of The Before series.